A Brief Headless WordPress Roundup

  1. Colorado Public Radio has improved its audio player allowing users to continuously play music as they flip through pages. As with Aleteia, multiple different radio stations and sites are powered through the same system, giving each a totally different look and feel while still benefiting from shared infrastructure. Learn more in our own case study of the rollout.
  2. Defector is an employee-owned, subscription-based sports and culture website that serves more than 39,000 members around the globe. They’re currently using the Lede platform to run their site, which is a large-scale headless WordPress implementation software service for community-driven journalism. Lede allows for all the benefits of headless architecture, with minimal overhead or developer experience required.
  3. Metcash is Australia’s leading wholesale distributor. They have a headless WordPress configuration that allowed them to provide vital services for contactless delivery and essential products during the pandemic. The incredible speed at which they launched this site was aided by their ability to fully separate back end from front end development as well as the opportunity to use technologies that they knew well. You can read more about the launch in WPEngine’s case study of the project.
  4. Roll Call has seen great results from its headless replatform. Load time has reduced by 40%, and the number of requests on a repeat view dropped to only 13% of the original number. Using Google’s automated Lighthouse tool, the site now scores in the top 10% for accessibility, best practices, and SEO, due to adjustments and improvements that were easy to make due to the headless implementation. It also allowed them to take advantage of an early version of cutting-edge responsive design technology — container queries — which allow for greater design flexibility. You can learn more about the open-source headless WordPress framework used, Irving, in our launch announcement.



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