How to Curate and Lead a 21-Day Equity Challenge

“We made this visible and said, here are the tools; join us if you like.”

At this point, we can imagine you are wondering, how do I lead my own 21-Day Equity Challenge? I know you will learn as much as I did from Max and Michael’s processes and what they saw as the core successes and challenges of the 21-Day Equity Challenge described next.

Step 1: Decide the WHAT.

Step 2: Decide the HOW.

Step 3: Decide on the WHEN.


  1. Stay engaged.
  2. Experience discomfort.
  3. Speak your truth.
  4. Expect and accept nonclosure.
  5. Thread discussions in our #belonging — DEI focused Slack channel.

Step 5: Host the CHALLENGE.

Here is an example of a typical day’s activity during the 21 Day Equity Challenge:

  1. Tuesday — Voting Rights & Representation in Government
  2. Wednesday — Intersectionality
  3. Thursday — Healthcare
  4. Friday — Food Security & Nutrition
  5. Saturday/Sunday — Open Ended, Dr. Eddie Moore has an extensive list, select from our list, or choose from the above or your own list of resources.

Step 6: Reflect on Lessons Learned.

As Alley’s first 21-Day Equity Challenge came to a close, Michael and Max reflected on the following lessons they learned with hope that this will save you time when preparing for your own challenge:



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