Performance Feedback Ecosystems that Care about People, First.

  • Career Progression Framework. This framework outlines every role and level in our organization, and describes the skills and expertise required to progress to each level within a role. We are designing our progression based on many open sourced and public progressions in our field.
  • Tiered Support Structure for escalating performance concerns. This structure of primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention and intervention is designed to respond to an individual’s performance issues early by providing baseline support and frequent monitoring of progress first, before any more serious action needs to be taken.
  • Comprehensive Peer Coaching Program. This program strengthens teams by developing the professional capacities of individuals. Coaches are trained in coaching best practices and competencies to provide a safe and nurturing context, personalized support and challenges, and inspiration for setting goals and pursuing professional development.
  • Agile Scrum teams. This framework provides our teams the autonomy & agency for self-governing how they work and how they manage their performance through daily opportunities for feedback which is embedded into specific meetings & processes.
  • Focus on building trust between supervisors and employees.Trust between supervisors and employees strengthens the perception of fairness of the appraisal process. When employees and supervisors are separated, trust disappears. This phenomenon is consistent across historically marginalized groups compared to their white male peers. For example, scheduling consistent 1:1 meetings with supervisees to review goals, progress, and build relationships helps to avoid perception of inequitable access and favoritism.
  • Emphasize future performance rather than diagnosing the past. Systems that emphasize future-focused feedback positively impact people’s acceptance of negative feedback, their intention to act on it, and their likelihood to effect personal change.
  • Reward exceptional accomplishments to lock in star performers. Identifying and nurturing truly distinctive people should be a key priority given their disproportionate impact. Create a system of rewards to ‘lock-in’ star performers at junior levels of the company and help retain them as they progress.
  • Educate employees in engaging in proactive feedback conversations. Improving feedback conversation quality at all levels of the company increases leadership effectiveness, creating a culture of feedback that will support individuals and teams.



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